Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Heads of state can now join Bluesky

Bluesky opened its doors to everyone a while ago and introduced new moderation options. The platform lifted another restriction and granted participation visas to heads of state.

The post on the subject from Bluesky's official account includes the following statement: “By the way… we have removed our 'no head of state' rule.” The policy in question was implemented last year, as Bluesky was struggling with its founding pains.

The platform, which was founded in February 2023, accepted users only by invitation until last February. The company announced in May last year that it was not ready for heads of state to join the platform. Users were even asked to inform the support team before calling popular names to the platform.

Bluesky has more than 5 million users

The number of Bluesky users has exceeded 5 million. As soon as the platform removed the invitation requirement, it gained more than 1 million new members.

Danish Kapoor