Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google to re-release Pixel Tablet without speaker dock

Google Pixel Tablet was introduced in May last year and went on sale in June. The company released the tablet with a speaker dock, thus showing its claim to position the Pixel Tablet as a “hub” in the home. However, this claim of Google has not received much response from the end user side, and the company's tablet is available without a dock. with the decision to sell It is understood.

It is said that the company will make this change as of May 10. In addition to Google's decision to remove the dock from the box, it is claimed that it will also announce the keyboard and pen for the tablet on the same date.

This keyboard and pen will not be sold together with the tablet. In Europe, both the keyboard and the pen will be sold for 100 euros. In short, those who want a keyboard and pen along with the tablet will have to pay an extra 200 euros. These two accessories will be available in Hazel and Porcelain colors, two of the Pixel Tablet's three color options.

Will Google reduce the price of Pixel Tablet?

It also makes it possible for Google to reduce the price of the Pixel Tablet if it stops selling it with the dock. However, no information has been given about this possibility at the moment. It is necessary to wait a little longer to see the strategy that Google will follow.

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Danish Kapoor