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Danish Kapoor

Google is evaluating the artificial intelligence-supported search subscription model

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Google continues its initiatives to improve the search experience of its users and, in fact, to increase its profits. According to the latest report from the Financial Times, the company is considering paid subscription services to deliver AI-powered search results in addition to its existing search engine services. This development may be recorded as a significant change in the company's revenue model.

While Google has so far been providing services with advertising models based on search results, this new move will shift towards subscription services. However, this move may also bring to mind that it attaches great importance to artificial intelligence-focused services and diversifies its investments in this field. For example, the AI ​​Premium tier of a Google One subscription costs $10 more per month than a standard Premium plan. In addition, Gemini Business adds an additional $20 per month to a standard Google Workspace subscription.

Google AI-powered search: Will it be a premium experience?

Paid products offered by Google give their users access to the company's advanced Gemini Advanced artificial intelligence model. With this model, users have the opportunity to obtain much more sophisticated and customized information compared to standard search results. However, in order to have these features, they need to pay a certain subscription fee. However, Google continues to offer the lower-performance Gemini model to its users for free.

It seems that Google, one of the leading names in the web world, taking such a step will also affect the competitive dynamics. This service, developed as a response to Microsoft's artificial intelligence-supported Bing search engine, may increase the competition between search engines. According to related news, artificial intelligence-supported Bing has not yet been able to seriously damage Google's market share. However, in the face of possible competition, Google is preparing to offer its users the artificial intelligence-supported search experience that it has kept closed since 2023.

Implementing this new service requires Google to make significant improvements in its technological infrastructure. Although the Google team is currently working on it, it is reported that the company has not yet decided to fully implement this model.

If Google activates this paid subscription service, users will be able to access higher quality and ad-free search results with a paid tier. In addition, it is stated that users who switch to the paid artificial intelligence search layer will continue to see advertisements in the current situation. This could be a solid step in Google's revenue model, as well as a harbinger of a more equitable model in terms of user experience.

Danish Kapoor