Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Chrome will help its users while typing with artificial intelligence

Google is testing a new and experimental Gemini-powered generative AI feature for its Chrome web browser. This feature, called “Help me write,” will help users write or refine text based on web page content.

Following the release of the stable version of Chrome M122, the new writing assistant is now available on Mac and Windows PCs for English-speaking Chrome users in the US.

“Help me write” focuses on providing writing prompts for short-form content, such as filling out digital surveys and reviews, inquiring about product information, or drafting descriptions for products sold online. Google says the tool can “understand the context of the web page you’re on” and pull relevant information into recommendations (for example, highlight key features mentioned on the product page for items you’ve reviewed).

The “Help me write” feature has gone through some visual changes since it was first announced for Gmail at Google’s I/O event last May. The web page, now populated with separate options for adjusting length and tone, appears as a floating application window next to text fields. The Chrome version includes similar functionality to what Microsoft introduced for Edge and Bing last year.

How will Google Chrome users operate this feature?

Google Chrome users in the US will need to go to Settings via the three-dot drop-down menu and then enable Chrome’s Experimental AI by going to the Experimental AI page. Next, the “Try experimental AI features” option will be clicked and then “Help me write” will be selected. Then the browser will restart and this feature will be available.


Danish Kapoor