Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Fujifilm Instax Wide 400 launched in Turkey: Price and features announced

Fujifilm has added a new member to its popular instant printing camera series. This new model, named Fujifilm Instax Wide 400, has taken its place in the Turkish market. According to the official statement made by the company, the sales price of the device in Turkey has been determined as 6,799 TL.

The Instax Wide 400 stands out as a model released ten years after its predecessor. Introduced with the slogan “Make room for more,” the device stands out especially with its large print size. Able to print 3.4 x 4.25 inches (approximately 8.6 x 10.8 cm), the machine is positioned as an ideal option for group photos and landscape shots with this feature.

Highlights of Fujifilm Instax Wide 400

The Instax Wide 400 includes many innovations and improvements over its predecessor. The most important of these is the advanced automatic exposure feature that provides better print clarity. The model, which has a large flash, is offered in two different color options.

Instax Wide 400, which also features features that draw attention in terms of ease of use, has a small mirror on the front face to make selfies easier. In addition, the device has two different focus modes. One of these is the “Landscape mode”, which is optimized for landscape shots from a distance of more than 3 meters, and the other is the “Macro mode”, which allows for close shots up to 40 cm.

Another striking feature of the Instax Wide 400 is its automatic timer. This feature, which is activated by a lever on the front of the device, can be set for up to 10 seconds. When the timer is activated, the LED lights light up sequentially, allowing you to visually follow the countdown.

Fujifilm also offers a camera angle adjustment accessory with the Instax Wide 400. This accessory makes it possible to achieve the ideal shooting angle without using a tripod. Offering two different height options, this accessory stands out as a useful tool, especially for group shots.

The body design of the Instax Wide 400 was also developed with ease of use in mind. Designed to accommodate large print sizes, the body provides comfort even during long-term use with its ergonomic structure.

Fujifilm Turkey announced that the Instax Wide 400 was offered for sale in our country with a price tag of 6,799 TL. When compared to the device’s price of 149 dollars abroad, it can be said that this price is at a reasonable level considering the exchange rate and taxes.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 400 seems to be a candidate to be a major player in the instant printing camera market. With its large print size, advanced features and ease of use, it seems to attract the attention of both amateur photographers and users who like to collect memories. The device, which is also offered in the Turkish market at a competitive price, is expected to gain popularity in the coming period.

Danish Kapoor