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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Epic Games Store offers “Freshly Frosted” and “Freshly Frosted” games for free to players this week

Epic Games Store continues its tradition of giving away free games to players as of June 20, 2024. Freshly Frosted And Rumble Club It presents games named.

Freshly FrostedDescribing itself as the “world’s most beautiful donut factory”, it invites players to an adventure filled with dozens of delicious puzzles and mechanics. The game offers the opportunity to solve 144 diverse and challenging puzzles while organizing various conveyor belts and producing different types of donuts.

This free gift offered by Epic Games will attract the attention of puzzle lovers. Full of different mechanics, from splitters to thrusters, from combiners to cloners Freshly Frosted, It aims to satisfy players with each puzzle. The game attracts attention not only with its puzzles but also with the story it contains. With its positive and encouraging messages, it helps motivate players as each puzzle is solved.

Offering a visually fascinating experience Freshly Frostedattracts attention with its pleasant pastel tones and interesting machines. The game offers players not only a game but also a taste story, with each donut box having its own flavor and the story it leaves behind. These donuts, which have period characteristics such as autumn delicacies, summer sips and winter whispers, create a unique atmosphere in the game.

Rumble Club invites players to an unprecedented knockout adventure. In this epic battle where up to 20 players compete together, players will test their incompetence, punch, push, throw and look for ways to take them out of the arena. Players who embark on their journey of victory by traveling on Captain Fist’s Sky Boat will find various war tools and fight to be the last man standing. This game offers a battle system based entirely on the rules of physics. Players’ timing, strategy and resourcefulness are key to knocking their opponents out of the arena. The satisfying feeling of flying an enemy and the danger of falling off the edge adds excitement to the game.

Rumble Club, encourages players to get creative with silly gadgets they find on the battlefield. Players’ attack and defense tactics are diversified with various and unexpected tools such as Magnets, Punch Tanks and Magic Donuts. These crazy weapons make the game full of surprises and unpredictable. The game offers tons of cosmetic and skin options for players to show off their own style. The appearance of the selected character, Rumble ClubThe key to standing out in the colorful and fun world of .

Redout 2 was on Epic Games Store last week

Before this, Epic Games Store, Redout 2 And Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms In a similar way, it offered games called free of charge to players. Redout 2brings a new breath to classic arcade racing games, Idle Champions of the Forgotten RealmsIt stands out as a strategy management game that brings together various characters of the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

This gelatinous gift from Epic Games Store shows how much the platform values ​​its users. Freshly Frosted and the games that came before it reflect the platform’s commitment to providing carefully selected, quality and diverse games. It is an important opportunity for players to take advantage of these limited-time offers and add new and interesting games to their libraries and explore the opportunities available in the gaming world.

In summary, Epic Games Store managed to win the hearts of puzzle lovers and sweet tooths by offering unforgettable gifts to players this week. Freshly Frosted And Rumble Clubstands out as an ideal option for anyone looking for a fun and satisfying gaming experience.

Danish Kapoor