Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Artificial intelligence-supported travel feature for Ray-Ban Meta glasses

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Ray-Ban’s Meta sunglasses attracted attention last year with their artificial intelligence-supported visual search capabilities. However, the new feature introduced in the latest beta version offers a very practical feature for travelers. The ability to identify monumental structures in various locations and obtain more information about them is now available.

Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s chief technology officer, detailed the new feature in a Threads post. The feature offers users the opportunity to guide travel by identifying monumental structures and interesting points in the images. For example, examples shown to explain why the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA, is orange tell users why this bridge looks better in foggy weather.

New feature supported by artificial intelligence in Ray-Ban Meta glasses offers travel guidance

Mark Zuckerberg introduced new features on Instagram through videos shot in Montana. These videos demonstrated the goggles’ ability to vocally narrate the history of Big Sky Mountain and Roosevelt Arch. It also became possible to explain snow formation in simple language.

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This feature, which was previewed at the Connect event held last year, attracted attention with its ability to answer environmental questions. Meta’s smart glasses can now provide access to real-time information, allowing users to explore the world around them more deeply.

The AI-powered visual search feature is offered as part of Meta’s Google Lens-like feature. Users have the opportunity to better understand the world around them by showing what they see through glasses and asking questions to artificial intelligence. However, this feature currently offers access to a limited number of users. Bosworth recommends that users who do not yet have access to the beta be added to the waiting list.

Danish Kapoor