Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple's new product Beats Solo Buds is on sale in Turkey

The new Beats Solo Buds wireless headphone model, designed by Apple and offered in four colors, is on sale in Turkey with a price of 3,799 TL, with high sound quality and 18 hours of battery life.

Apple introduced Beats Solo Buds, the new wireless headphone model that music lovers have been eagerly awaiting, to the Turkish market. This new model, whose price is announced as 3,799 TL, promises to radically change the music listening experience.

Although it is positioned in the high price segment in Turkey, Beats Solo Buds aims to justify this price with the high-end features it provides to users. Beats Solo Buds, designed in in-ear form and offered in four different colors, offer full compatibility with iOS and Android devices. The device's 18-hour total battery life allows users to enjoy an uninterrupted music experience during long trips or work.

Beats Solo Buds: The perfect harmony of music and technology

The new in-ear headphones offer unique sound quality thanks to their double-layer drivers. This headset detects environmental noise thanks to the microphones it carries and effectively cuts the noise with its special algorithm. This feature offers users a clear audio experience whether they are on the move or in a busy environment.

Beats Solo Buds, which can be easily found even in case of loss thanks to the “Find My” network support, do not neglect to offer comfortable use by adapting to every ear structure with the ear tips of different sizes (XS, S, M, and L) offered in the box.

Apple also introduced the Beats Solo 4 model with this wireless headset. Beats Solo 4 is designed in an overhead form and has a foldable structure. This model also attracts attention with its features such as high usage time and spatial sound support and is sold for 9,299 TL. It would not be wrong to say that both models offer unique features for music lovers and technology enthusiasts.

Beats Solo Buds and Beats Solo 4 can be considered as reflections of Apple's expertise in combining music and technology. These new models offer users not just a headset, but also a lifestyle. These new products of Apple are expected to attract great attention from users looking for quality sound experience in Turkey.

Danish Kapoor