Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple will add new artificial intelligence features to Siri in iOS 18

Apple plans to take big steps by focusing on artificial intelligence in iOS 18. Tim Cook, the company's CEO, announced that artificial intelligence features will come soon. These features will be supported by Apple's large language model (LLM) Ajax.

Artificial intelligence features that will come with iOS 18

According to AppleInsider, Siri will gain the ability to analyze and summarize texts in the Messages application. Safari will also have a similar “Smart Search” feature. The language model called Ajax will be at the center of these features.

Apple's artificial intelligence will offer both on-device and server-supported processing. Ajax will use local processing when responding to simple questions, and will receive support from the server for more complex questions. Apple is considering collaborating with OpenAI or Google on these issues.

The company's approach to artificial intelligence is shaped by its sensitivity to privacy. To protect users' privacy, warnings will be displayed about Ajax use of data from Safari or Messages. Cook stated that the company's attitude towards privacy will differentiate its artificial intelligence services.

New announcements about iPads are expected at Apple's upcoming events. However, details about artificial intelligence features are expected at the World Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) in June. Cook emphasized the company's confidence in artificial intelligence and its focus on innovations in this field.

The integration of artificial intelligence into mobile devices has the potential to improve users' daily experiences. The innovations that Apple will introduce with iOS 18 will make this vision a reality through artificial intelligence-supported functions in Siri and Safari. This could be the beginning of steps that will radically change the mobile user experience.

Danish Kapoor