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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

64 GB capacity Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is on sale on Amazon

Galaxy Tab A9+, which Samsung launched in Turkey late last year, is one of the large-screen tablets that attracts attention and interest in the entry segment. You can find this tablet on, 4.199 TL with 7 percent discount You can buy it at a very affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ features

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ draws attention with its features that take multitasking performance to the next level. Thanks to its 4 GB RAM capacity, you can seamlessly switch between applications and perform multiple operations at the same time. While 64 GB internal storage offers ample space to safely store all your important files, photos and videos, you can increase your storage space up to 1 TB with MicroSD card support.

Tab A9+ increases your productivity with its multi-window feature. You can make architectural drawings, choose impressive visuals and make video calls at the same time. You can use two applications side by side on a single screen without closing any windows. Thus, you can run your business more efficiently and save time.

The security of your data is also guaranteed with this tablet. You can protect your private information against unauthorized access by storing it in Secure Folder. You can easily monitor the general security status of your device and take precautions against possible threats via the Privacy Dashboard. With this tablet, you can enjoy the Samsung Galaxy experience without worrying about security.

Impressive audio experience is another highlight of the Galaxy Tab A9+. The device's superior speakers create an immersive sound atmosphere. Thanks to three-dimensional sound technology, sound clarity and depth reach an impressive level. Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, you'll enjoy the audio experience.

Danish Kapoor