Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Watch Ultra 3 will arrive almost unchanged

Ming-Chi Kuo is known for his accurate analysis and predictions about Apple products. The famous analyst's latest report about Apple Watch Ultra 3 will upset those who are waiting for a smart watch.

Apple is expected to introduce the Watch Ultra 3 next fall. Previous reports also claimed that Apple may not release a new Watch Ultra this year. But Kuo's report shows that this is unlikely.

It is said that the new Watch Ultra will not be much different from the Watch Ultra 2 released last year in terms of technical and hardware. According to Kuo's post, there will be “almost no” hardware upgrades on the Watch Ultra 3.

On the contrary, a comprehensive change is expected on the Apple Watch Series 10 side. It is said that this watch may be offered under the name Apple Watch X. It is claimed that Apple Watch Series 10 will come with a thinner case and magnetic straps. Blood pressure detection and sleep apnea detection features are also expected to be available on Watch Ultra 3. However, it is clearly stated that Watch Ultra 3 will not be different from Ultra 2 in terms of its design.

Watch SE 3 may also be introduced along with Apple Watch Ultra 3

It seems likely that Apple will introduce a new Watch SE along with the Watch Series 10 and Watch Ultra 3 in the fall. Because the company introduced Watch SE 2 two years after introducing the first Watch SE in 2020. It will not be a surprise if the third generation Watch SE becomes official this year.

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Danish Kapoor