Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Vision Pro’s resistance to scratches and breaks has been tested

Vision Pro, one of Apple’s newest products, has reached thousands of customers in the United States. This device was subjected to various tests after it was available in stores. While some of these tests aimed to measure the durability of the product and user experience, others were more aimed at testing the physical durability of the device. In particular, the scratch tests conducted by JerryRigEverything clarified one of the most curious aspects of Apple Vision Pro.

Scratch test results of Apple Vision Pro

JerryRigEverything is a popular YouTube channel that tests new products under extreme conditions to measure their durability. In one of the channel’s latest videos, the scratch resistance of the front glass of Apple Vision Pro was tested. These tests revealed that the front glass, which protects the device’s EyeSight cameras, sensors and screen, could be scratched more easily than expected.

Traditionally, laminate glass is produced with a plastic interlayer to make it more durable and less susceptible to breakage. However, in Apple Vision Pro, this plastic layer is placed on top of the glass for some reason. Tests based on the Mohs mineral hardness scale showed that the Vision Pro’s windshield received light scratches at the second level, with deeper scratches at the third level. The glass of most smartphones begins to scratch at levels six and seven.

This means that objects such as keys, coins, and even dust can leave permanent scratches on the glass. It’s no surprise that Apple offers a special cover for the outer display and a polishing cloth along with the Vision Pro. Apple charges $799 to replace the Vision Pro’s front glass.

On the other hand, the plastic cover seems to make the Vision Pro more resistant to accidental damage. In a drop test shared by AppleTrack, the Vision Pro had to be dropped on the floor multiple times for the glass to break. However, as demonstrated by JerryRigEverything, glass scratches quite easily.

While the Apple Vision Pro has caused a great deal of excitement in the tech world, tests conducted by JerryRigEverything will raise some concerns about the device’s scratch resistance. Despite its high price, users should consider how vulnerable the Vision Pro is to simple scratches it may encounter in daily use.

Danish Kapoor