Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple may end an important tradition with the first foldable iPhone

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Foldable devices have existed in the product portfolio of Android phone manufacturers for a long time. Apple, on the other hand, has not dipped its toe into these waters yet. According to new news from South Korea, the first foldable iPhone may be released a little later than expected.

According to the news, Apple’s first foldable phone will be released in early 2027. In a previous report published by the Alpha Business site, the end of 2026 was pointed out for the release of the foldable iPhone.

The news includes the following sentences from the source: “I understand that the company plans to start sales of the foldable iPhone a little later than expected, after making comprehensive preparations on all issues, including the supply and demand of the foldable screen.”

In any case, the launch window in question means a big change for Apple. The company usually launches its new iPhones in the second half of the year, except for the iPhone SE series.

It is not difficult to guess that it is the wish of many impartial eyes for Apple to make the introduction in early 2027 instead of postponing it to the end of 2027. In addition, it should be noted that the delay in the launch will lead to another strange situation for Apple.

Apple is expected to include the most up-to-date processor used in its standard iPhones in the foldable iPhone. If the foldable phone’s release is delayed, users may have to pay more for a phone with a “less up-to-date” processor. Google is currently suffering from this situation on its Pixel Fold foldable phone. However, it is estimated that this asymmetry on the processor side will be corrected with Pixel Fold 2. It is said that the company will introduce the Pixel Fold 2 in the fall along with other Pixel phones and move directly to the Tensor G4.

Apple is preparing other products besides the foldable iPhone

According to rumors; Apple is also preparing other foldable products besides the iPhone. Although it is said that foldable iPad and MacBook are also among the company’s plans, these devices are not expected to be released before 2026.

Danish Kapoor