Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple is preparing to release two different AirPods 4 in the fall

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It seems that those waiting for a new AirPods will have to be patient at least until autumn. According to Bloomberg’s technology reporter Mark Gurman, Apple suppliers will start production of two different and new AirPods 4 models starting in May. Based on this production schedule, the headphones are expected to be released in September or October.

Gurman predicts that both fourth-generation AirPods models will feature a new design that offers a better fit, improved sound quality, and a revamped charging case with a USB-C port. It is stated that in the higher-end model, a speaker that can play sound for active noise canceling feature and Find My location tracking will be included in the charging box.

Apple plans to remove the second and third generation AirPods from the market after launching two new AirPods 4 models. Gurman doesn’t expect the new AirPods Pro to launch until next year at the earliest, but says existing models will get a new hearing aid mode with iOS 18. It is also added that Apple is working on a hearing test feature for AirPods.

With the two new AirPods 4 models, Apple is expected to reinforce its leadership in the wireless headphone market and further improve the user experience. These new headphones appeal to a certain audience with their open-ended design, while also keeping the expectations of music lovers and technology enthusiasts high. The new generation AirPods, which will be released this fall, will also include some features that previously came to AirPods Pro. One of the most important of these will be the USB-C connection.

Danish Kapoor