Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple may be subject to investigation in the European Union over web apps decision

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Apple’s decision to discontinue iPhone web apps in the European Union may soon lead to an investigation. According to the Financial Times, the European Commission has sent requests for more information to Apple and app developers to help its evaluation.

“We are reviewing the compliance packages of all gatekeepers, including Apple,” said a statement provided to The Verge by European Commission Spokesperson Lea Zuber. “In this context, we are specifically examining the issue of progressive web applications (PWA) and confirm that we have sent information requests to both Apple and app developers who may provide useful information for our evaluation.” The expression was used.

Apple blames the change on EU laws

Earlier this month, Apple confirmed that it would no longer support iPhone web apps in the European Union starting with iOS 17.4. Rather than being used as stand-alone applications with storage space and the ability to send push notifications, web applications in the EU will function more like bookmarks. Apple cites the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) as the key reason for the change, which requires Safari to fully support not only Safari’s WebKit engine but also third-party browser engines.

He emphasized that with web app support coming to other browsers, the company would have to build “an entirely new integration architecture that would be impractical to undertake in the face of the other demands of the DMA.” Additionally, the company cited “very low user adoption” and potential security risks as reasons for the change.

Application developers oppose the discontinuation of web applications. Open Web Advocacy, a nonprofit that advocates for the open web, is also conducting a survey to see how the change will affect developers. It is hoped that the survey responses to be sent to the European Commission will also have an impact on the process.

The repercussions of Apple’s iPhone web application decision continue. With the possibility of an investigation by the European Union, the technology giant’s difficult days seem to continue.

Danish Kapoor