Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple is preparing a new calculator application for Macs

Apple's calculator app for Macs works well for its purpose. However, with macOS 15, this application seems to become a little more capable and functional. Apple is preparing to add features such as note taking and currency conversion to its calculator application for Mac. According to the news of the AppleInsider site, the design of the renewed application will also change and the number boxes will be renewed with round buttons.

Users will be able to rescale the calculator's dimensions. If the calculator is enlarged, the round keys will be extended. When the machine is minimized, the keys will return to their original appearance.

The new history tape, accessible with the click of a button, will show users their previous calculations. In this way, those who work with more than one data or want to see a trend will not need to follow it or take notes. Regardless of the mode the calculator is in, it will be possible to see the processed information on this band.

The updated app will apparently also come with Notes integration, allowing you to create notes more easily with mathematical notations, as in rival products such as Microsoft's OneNote.

Apple will announce Mac and iOS innovations at WWDC 2024

Finally, the new calculator app will make it easier to work with numbers in different currencies by incorporating the conversion tool into the user interface. You will no longer need to access the tool using the drop-down menu when you want to see how much a certain amount is in another currency.

Apple will announce the innovations it has prepared for Mac and iOS at the WWDC 2024 event in June.

Danish Kapoor