Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Classifies iPhone X, First-Gen HomePod and AirPods as ‘Vintage’

Apple has announced that the first-generation HomePod, iPhone X, and first-generation AirPods are now in the “vintage” category. The development provides important clues about how the tech giant categorizes its aging products. Apple’s “vintage” label is typically used to describe products that were discontinued five to seven years ago. These products are still eligible for service support, but that support may be limited.

Why is the first-generation HomePod classified as “vintage”?

The first-generation HomePod was quickly relegated to the “vintage” category, despite being discontinued by Apple just three years ago. This suggests that Apple is quick to consider some of its products obsolete. Owners of the first-generation HomePod can take some comfort in knowing that their devices are still receiving service support. However, there is no definitive information on how long that support will last.

In addition to the first-generation HomePod, the iPhone X and the first-generation AirPods were also added to the same category. The iPhone X was released in 2017 and attracted great attention as the model in which Apple first introduced Face ID technology. This phone is considered an important representative of modern smartphone design. The first-generation AirPods were released in 2016 and revolutionized the wireless headphone market. These products reflect Apple’s innovative approach and remain popular among users.

Products that Apple classifies as “vintage” can receive up to seven years of service support. However, this support can be limited and some repairs may not be possible. Therefore, it may be important for users who own these products to meet their repair needs quickly. Apple may be encouraging its users to upgrade to the next generation of products. The HomePod Mini and the second-generation HomePod are among the ideal options for this transition.

The iPhone X and the first generation AirPods are among the important innovations that Apple has brought to the technology world. The iPhone X attracted attention with its bezel-less screen design and Face ID technology. The first generation AirPods showed how practical and user-friendly wireless headphones can be. These products attracted great attention when they were released and were appreciated by technology enthusiasts.

Danish Kapoor