Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple and Baidu's artificial intelligence agreement has not been finalized yet

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According to news from China, Apple reached an agreement with Baidu in China for the productive artificial intelligence features it will offer in its smartphones. However, a new claim shows that the agreement between the parties has not yet been finalized.

The news states that the final signature on the agreement has not been made, at least for now. It remains unclear whether negotiations between the parties are continuing. There are no other details in the news other than that there is no definitive agreement yet.

Apple is expected to offer its users productive artificial intelligence features integrated into the operating system with iOS 18, which will be released in the fall. If the agreement is reached, these features will be delivered to users in China through Baidu.

Apple must work with a local partner for AI in China

It does not seem possible for Apple to use an artificial intelligence model signed by Western developers in China. Because artificial intelligence models to be used in China must receive the approval of the authorities, and it is very unlikely that this approval will be obtained for artificial intelligence that is not of Chinese origin. This requires Apple to choose a new partner. It will soon become clear whether the said partner will be Baidu.

Danish Kapoor