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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Amazon Prime opportunity on 2023 model 55 inch Samsung UE55CU7200UXTK2023 TV

For those who want to watch the ongoing Euro 2024 matches with a higher image quality, there is a special offer for Amazon Prime members on the 55-inch Samsung UE55CU7200UXTK model. Prime members can buy the TV, which has a normal price of 21.949 TL. for 19.754 TL for a short time They can buy it.

Samsung UE55CU7200UXTK features

UE55CU7200UXTK, one of Samsung’s 2023 model Smart TV options, brings a new dimension to home entertainment with its 55 inch 140 screen size. This LED TV with 4K resolution attracts attention with its price of 19,754 TL on SAMSUNG Store and free shipping thanks to the Prime option. The product has proven its quality by receiving 4.5 out of 5 stars from users. It was also deemed worthy of Amazon’s Choice after more than 50 units were purchased last month.

Among the most popular features of the product is the advanced PurColor technology. Thanks to this technology, a much wider range of colors is offered on the television screen. This makes images more realistic and vibrant, from the vibrant green of a football field to spectacular sunsets. The Crystal Processor maximizes the quality of your content by automatically transforming color, sound and more.

HDR and Mega Contrast features allow every frame to look natural and deep. Especially in the transitions between dark and bright scenes, the details become clear and important points are emphasized, which takes the viewing experience to the next level. This makes a difference especially in HDR supported content.

Object Tracking Sound Lite and Motion Xcelerator are other features that make this model from SAMSUNG unique. While Object Tracking Sound Lite draws the audience into the story with its 3D surround sound experience, Motion Xcelerator offers fluent and clear images, especially in sports, movies and games that require high speed.

Finally, the connectivity options of the Samsung UE55CU7200UXTK are also quite extensive. The television, which can easily connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, supports Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and many other internet services. In addition to components such as smart remote control and power cable, this model also includes useful features such as game mode and automatic volume leveler. This Smart TV, which will fit into every home with its 55 inch size and modern design, takes home entertainment to the next level.

Danish Kapoor