Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

A new era in film photography with Pentax 17

Film photography continues to attract the attention of many photography enthusiasts even in the digital age. Adding a new dimension to this interest, Pentax attracts attention with its Pentax 17 model. Pentax 17 was introduced as a groundbreaking step in film photography and offers the opportunity to capture more images with its semi-frame format.

Pentax 17 makes film photography more economical with its half-frame format. Semi-frame cameras take vertical photos at 17 x 24mm instead of 24 x 36mm on 35mm film. In this way, while you can normally take 36 exposures on a roll of film, you can take 72 exposures with Pentax 17. This significantly reduces film costs.

Technical specifications of Pentax 17

Pentax 17 is equipped with a 25mm f/3.5 prime lens. This lens is 37mm equivalent on a 35mm full frame camera. The lens' nine-blade diaphragm creates a nice bokeh effect in shots. However, the lens does not have autofocus; Instead, an area focusing system is used with six different distance options. This is especially ideal for street photography and everyday memory photos.

Although the Pentax 17 does not have full manual control, it is designed to be used in program automatic mode. Features like the exposure compensation dial, slow shutter, and bulb modes give more creative photographers some control. These features offer photographers greater flexibility in certain lighting conditions.

Pentax 17 combines the look of classic cameras with modern technologies. Reminiscent of the semi-frame cameras produced by Olympus in the 1960s, this model offers a nostalgic aesthetic. At the same time, its user-friendly features make it an attractive option for both beginners and experienced photographers.

Pentax introduces its first product, Pentax 17, to users within the scope of the film photography project launched in 2022. This project was shaped by feedback from the Pentax community. Beyond meeting users' expectations, this new camera aims to offer a new experience in film photography.

Pentax 17 offers a different approach to film photography, both economically and aesthetically. This model, which offers the opportunity to take more photos with its semi-frame format, appeals to a wider audience by reducing film costs. With its user-friendly features and classic design, Pentax 17 reinvigorates film photography.

Danish Kapoor