Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

2026 is pointed out for the release of Apple's foldable-screen MacBook

More details have emerged about the MacBook-like foldable device that Apple is said to be working on. According to the latest report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino-based company aims to sell more than 1 million 20-inch foldable screen devices in 2026. In previous projections, 2027 was pointed out for the release of this device.

Previous rumors were that Apple would opt for a 20-inch screen. However, Kuo states that the company is also considering an 18.8-inch panel. It is said that if 20 inches is preferred, the device will look like a 14 or 15 inch MacBook when closed. If 18.8 inches is preferred, the appearance will be closer to the 13 or 14 inch MacBook.

Kuo says Apple is working with LG Display to make the foldable display “as wrinkle-free as possible.” The device will reportedly include Apple's M5 processor and could go into production by the end of next year.

Supply chain analyst Ross Young first drew attention to Apple's 20-inch foldable device in 2022. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman later supported this rumor. At the time, Gurman said the iPad/MacBook hybrid could have a dual-screen display without a physical keyboard and trackpad.

In 2022, The Elec also laid out a potential timeline for Apple's rumored foldable work on Samsung-made displays. It was stated that Apple would most likely start working on these devices after bringing an OLED screen to the iPad or MacBook. The release of the OLED iPad Pro shows that foldable devices may also be next.

Apple is working on different foldable MacBook prototypes

Apple is working on multiple foldable MacBook options. A report published in The Information in February revealed that Apple was still working on at least two foldable iPhone prototypes that fold horizontally. Rumors also suggest that Apple is developing a foldable iPad, and Mark Gurman says it's still in the “early stages.” The company is reportedly focusing on eliminating visible wrinkles on the folding iPad's screen. Samsung is also working to solve this problem.

Danish Kapoor