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Danish Kapoor

20 percent discount on Anker power stations and cameras from Hepsiburada

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Anker makes users’ lives more efficient with the different accessories it offers. Within the scope of a campaign offered in Hepsiburada, 20 percent discount in cart on Anker branded power stations and cameras There is an opportunity.

Power stations are especially useful for campers. Anker 548, a high capacity and versatile portable charger. With its huge capacity of 60,000mAh, it can fully charge the iPhone 15 more than 10 times and the MacBook Air about 3 times. This power bank has two USB-C ports with 60W and 27W power so you can charge your phone and laptop at high speed at the same time, making it ideal for travel and busy days. On the other hand, the Anker 548 has a retractable light and SOS button for emergencies such as malfunctions, always making your safety a priority. For those looking for a sustainable power solution, this power bank can be charged seamlessly with solar panels. The device also stands out with its durability and long life; It lasts 10 times longer than other models and can maintain 85% charge capacity even after a year without charging. Thanks to its smart screen, you can easily monitor battery level, input/output power and more. The product, which has a price tag of 9,999 TL, comes to 7,999.20 TL with a 20 percent basket discount.

Anker PowerHouse 535 Portable Power Supply, making it an ideal portable power solution for adventurers and home use. Equipped with three times the charging speed and energy saving mode, this power station prevents energy waste while quickly charging your devices. With its silent operation feature and built-in light bar, it provides ease of use even in low light environments. Compatible with small and medium-sized devices, PowerHouse can quickly charge from 0 to 80% in 2.4 hours, while also charging your laptops at high speed thanks to the built-in 60W USB-C Power Delivery. Offering long-lasting use with its lithium iron phosphate battery, this product provides full protection for you and your devices. Equipped with high-quality materials and an advanced Battery Management System (BMS), the Anker PowerHouse 535 is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable energy source on the road or at home. Thanks to its smart LED screen, you can easily monitor the remaining capacity and charging time, and it meets all the needs of modern life thanks to its wide compatibility with USB-C and other USB-charged devices. The product, which has a price tag of 21,999 TL, can be purchased for 17,599.20 TL with the cart discount.

Anker’s different home solutions also make a great contribution to security. There are interesting household products among the campaign products. One of them is Anker Eufy Security Solocam L40 Outdoor 2K Night Vision Outdoor Security Camera. The product with a price of 4,599 TL comes to 3,679.20 TL in the cart. The SoloCam L40 model is an impressive security camera that offers advanced security solutions for homes and workplaces. Providing crystal clear image quality both day and night, this camera stands out with its adjustable brightness features. It immediately warns you and your surroundings when any movement is detected with an alarm sound of up to 90 dB. The user-friendly SoloCam L40 allows you to monitor only the desired areas with its feature of determining special security zones. It can also be easily controlled with voice commands, thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration. Offering the features sought in smart home security systems, SoloCam L40 promises to offer users comfort and security together.

Apart from the products we listed above, there are different Anker and Eufy products in the campaign at Hepsiburada. We recommend that you take a look at these too.

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