Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

10% Amazon discount on the well-equipped Dreame L20 Ultra robot vacuum cleaner

Dreame L20 Ultra is a fully equipped cleaning robot that performs sweeping and mopping tasks simultaneously, as well as cleaning and unloading operations within its own structure. Amazon is offering this product at a 10 percent discount for a limited time. Offers for 44.999 TL.

Dreame L20 Ultra features

Dreame L20 Ultra Complete robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your home with superior performance. Thanks to the innovative MopExtend unit, the range of the mops is automatically extended, ensuring deep cleaning of corner and edge areas. Thus, every part of your home becomes spotless.

Automate your daily cleaning with the fully automatic base station and always have freshly cleaned floors at home. Thanks to features such as automatic emptying, mop cleaning and drying, filling the water tank and adding cleaning solutions, Dreame L20 Ultra Complete is always ready to deliver the best performance.

Dreame L20 Ultra has the most advanced and powerful cleaning system ever. The powerful Vormax system offers excellent cleaning results with 7000 Pa suction power, while the removable rubber brush ensures that the bristles are unraveled and easy to remove. Thus, the cleaning process becomes more practical.

Thanks to Pathfinder intelligent navigation, AI Action and 3D structured light fruit prevention system, Dreame L20 Ultra can identify up to 55 objects and ensure optimal automatic cleaning. With more visibility and performance, every corner of your home will be spotlessly clean.

With its innovative mat removal technology, Dreame L20 Ultra Complete features modern ultrasonic carpet detection. Once the appropriate adjustment is made, it returns to its base station, removing the mats and keeping your carpets clean and dry.

Dreame L20 Ultra offers a 3-year warranty for the robot vacuum cleaner. The package includes; The accessory set includes dust collection bags, floor cleaners for different surfaces, wiper pads, main brush, side brushes, filters, base station, robot, dust collection bags, base station ramp expansion plate, power cable and cleaning accessory.

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Danish Kapoor