Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

You can buy iPhone 14 at Hepsiburada with a great price advantage

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Even though Apple has released the iPhone 15 series, it continues to officially sell the iPhone 14. The starting price of the flagship phone of 2022 is 51,499 TL. This price belongs to the 128 GB capacity version. Hepsiburada sells different colors of the iPhone 14 at lower prices than Apple. So much so that those who prefer black or purple, You can buy this phone for 41,999 TL. This means a price advantage of 9,500 TL.

iPhone 14 features

iPhone 14 comes with a 6.1 inch screen. This screen features Super Retina XDR display technology and provides users with vivid and clear images, enriching their video watching, gaming and photo taking experiences. The screen of the iPhone 14 once again raises the bar in color quality and visual experience.

Aesthetically, the iPhone 14 has a sleek aluminum design with a glass back. This design ensures that the phone is both stylish and durable. The Ring/Silent button is a small but important detail that shows the importance Apple attaches to ease of use. The device makes you feel its quality the moment you hold it in your hand.

In terms of performance, iPhone 14 is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip with 5-core GPU. This offers users ultimate performance and speed for all needs, from games to applications. The A15 Bionic chip stands out with its energy efficiency and high processing capacity, making iPhone 14 one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

When it comes to photography, the iPhone 14 stands out with its dual camera system. The 12 MP main camera and ultra-wide lens allow users to take wide-angle photos and capture stunning images for any type of scene. While the focus and Depth Control features of Portrait mode make it easier to take professional-level portrait photos, the 2x optical zoom range brings distant details closer.

Among the security features, life-saving features such as Emergency SOS and Traffic Accident Detection stand out. These features are designed so that users can quickly call for help in unexpected situations. In addition, iPhone 14, full of features such as up to 26 hours of video playback capacity, Lightning connector and USB 2 support, offers long usage time and easy connectivity.

Finally, the iPhone 14 is protected by Face ID, a secure and fast biometric authentication system. This allows users to securely access their devices and protect their personal data. Apple aims to maximize the user experience with the iPhone 14, offering innovative features in every field, from performance to design, from security to photography.

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Danish Kapoor