Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Yahoo acquires Artifact, will offer a new news experience

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An important collaboration took place in the world of digital media and technology. Artifact, a powerful tool developed by Instagram's co-founders that offers news suggestions to readers, will bring an innovative breath to Yahoo's hundreds of millions of readers, although it has difficulties in scaling. With these two parties joining forces, Yahoo decided to acquire Artifact.

What will Yahoo's Artifact move bring?

Although both parties refrained from providing information about the cost of the purchase, it is stated that Yahoo purchased Artifact's technology, not its team. Artifact co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom will serve as “special advisors” to Yahoo, but will not join the company. Artifact's five remaining employees have either found other jobs or are planning to take a break from work for a while.

This acquisition comes just over a year after Artifact was released and about three months after Systrom and Krieger announced the end for the project. “We built something that was loved by a small group of users, but we concluded that the market opportunity was not large enough to justify such continued investment,” the co-founders said.

This project, which attracted the attention of many companies after Artifact announced its closure, offers an important opportunity especially for companies looking for innovation in AI and personalized content. With this acquisition, Yahoo aims to offer more relevant and connected content to its users by integrating Artifact's special technology into its news recommendation and personalization systems.

The Artifact app will close once the purchase is complete. However, Artifact's content categorization, curation and personalization technology will soon be available on Yahoo News and, over time, on other Yahoo platforms. Kat Downs Mulder, general manager of Yahoo News, states that this integration will happen slowly, but great progress will be made with this collaboration.

This acquisition offers Yahoo the opportunity to take the news reading experience to a whole new dimension by bringing Artifact's personalization and recommendation technology to its large user base. Systrom and Downs Mulder state that integration will take time, but this unity will carry both parties into the future faster. While Yahoo develops a personalized content ecosystem, Artifact will strengthen the news service of the future.

This collaboration opens up new opportunities for Systrom and Krieger, who are asking big questions about what the world needs in an age powered by AI and large language models. The combination of Yahoo and Artifact opens a new chapter in the world of digital media and technology, as Artifact's co-founders continue to think about innovative ideas.

Danish Kapoor