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Danish Kapoor

Vodafone Sultans League gets hawk's eye technology with 5G

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Vodafone, which signed the highest and most comprehensive sponsorship agreement for women's volleyball in the world and for women's sports in Turkey, continues to stand by women volleyball players by using the power of digitalization. Vodafone will use the Hawk's Eye system, which is used in the Volleyball Nations League, World and European Championships, with Vodafone 5G support in the Vodafone Sultans League Play-Off 1-4 Stage matches in Turkey. The system will make it possible to instantly reflect the Video Evaluation System, which is carried out with simple cameras in league matches, on both volleyball hall LED screens and live broadcasts with almost zero delay.

As part of the integration efforts of Vodafone 5G support, the Hawk Eye application will be valid during the Vodafone Sultans League Play-Off Stage 1-4, which will start in April and include the semi-finals, finals and third/fourth place matches. The technology will be applied in the matches of Fenerbahçe Opet, Vakıfbank, Eczacıbaşı Dynavit and Turkish Airlines in two different halls in Istanbul: Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall and Vakıfbank Sports Palace.

Vodafone Türkiye Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Meltem Bakiler Şahin He said: “As a company that supports women's empowerment, we stand with Turkish women's volleyball. We want to be one of the brands that constantly support volleyball and make women's volleyball, which is closely followed by sports fans, known to a wider audience. Our main goal is to provide the best support to our National Women's Volleyball Team, which ranks first in the world with its achievements, and to the Vodafone Sultans League, where the most successful volleyball players in the world compete. With this goal, we are working to offer more experience and entertainment to the audience in the matches played in the Vodafone Sultans League. We aim to increase the viewing pleasure of volleyball spectators in the hall and in front of the screen with the Vodafone 5G supported Hawk Eye system, which we started to implement in the ongoing Vodafone Sultans League Play-Off 1-4 Stage matches in April. As Vodafone, we will continue to further improve the experience of both teams and volleyball fans with special projects and contribute to increasing the awareness of Turkish women's volleyball in the world and in Turkey.”

Turkish Volleyball Federation Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Sezgin Eren He said: “We integrated the Hawk Eye technology used in international tournaments into the Vodafone Sultans League with the contributions of our sponsor Vodafone. This technology is used for the first time in the league organization of the Turkish Volleyball Federation. This technology, which we introduced to our audience in the first leg of the semi-finals on Monday, was very appreciated by volleyball fans. And it enriched the match watching experience. “We are proud to make moves that will take our country's volleyball forward step by step, not only in a sporting sense but also in a technological sense.”

Among the statistics and data provided by Hawk's Eye technology; There are important indicators for the match such as instantly showing the place where the used service will land, the weight of the areas where the players compete on the field, service speed, spike (spike) speed and height, fastest dunk, rally time, defense and attack zones. Technology makes it possible to take the Video Evaluation System further with near-zero delay and assist referee decisions in very short periods of time.

Hawk's Eye will be used in the Vodafone Sultans League Championship Play-Off

The Hawk Eye application, which aims to integrate the advanced features of Vodafone 5G technology, will be valid in a total of at least 9 and at most 14 matches of the 4 teams participating in the Vodafone Sultans League Championship Play-Off. Having completed 5G BTK permits for TVF Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall, Vodafone will benefit from Vodafone 5G with Hawk Eye technology in the matches to be played in this hall.

Danish Kapoor