Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Xbox and PC Game Pass’ new subscriber acquisition rate is decreasing

Microsoft announced that the total number of users of its PC and Xbox Game Pass subscription service reached 34 million as of February. The software giant gave this number in its blog post where it shared Xbox’s future plans.

The latest figure reveals that Game Pass growth has slowed significantly. Game Pass, which was launched in 2017, reached 10 million subscribers as of April 2020. The service, which gained 5 million subscribers in the following five months, reached 18 million subscribers as of January 2021 and achieved a growth rate of 90 percent per year.

A year later, the company announced that Game Pass had 25 million subscribers. Game Pass has gained 9 million new subscribers in the last two years. This means an average annual increase of only 18 percent.

Game Pass will remain exclusive to Xbox and PC


Game Pass allows gamers to pay Microsoft a monthly fee for unlimited access to its growing library of games that they can play on their console or PC.

Microsoft executives had announced plans to bring Xbox games to more platforms, including PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, which both have significantly more users than Xbox. However, this plan does not include opening Game Pass to other platforms.

Danish Kapoor