Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

When, at what time and how to watch the Microsoft Build 2024 keynote?

The technology world is preparing to step into a new era with the Microsoft Build 2024 event. This annual developer conference provides an important platform to introduce Microsoft's latest technologies and products. This year, the event On Tuesday, May 21st at 19.00 Türkiye time It will start with the opening speech. This chat, on Microsoft's website And on YouTube channel can be watched live.

The year 2024 seems to be remembered as a year in which artificial intelligence technologies made a major breakthrough. Google and OpenAI announced important innovations in artificial intelligence systems such as Gemini and ChatGPT this month. In parallel with these developments, Microsoft plans to showcase its latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence at the Build 2024 event.

Surface event and new product launches

On Monday, May 20, one day before the keynote of Build 2024, Microsoft will hold a special event where it will introduce new Surface products. This event will be a smaller and private meeting where Microsoft will share its vision of artificial intelligence in hardware and software. This event, which will not be broadcast live, will be followed instantly by technology news sites.

At this special event where new Surface products will be introduced, consumer-oriented PC models are expected to stand out. These models are expected to be equipped with updated Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and attract attention with the better battery life and low heating advantages offered by these chips. However, these chips may also have disadvantages in terms of compatibility with some applications and processing speed.

Microsoft is following a strategy of organizing artificial intelligence-focused events by making hardware announcements before the developer conference. This strategy is in line with the methods used recently by other major technology companies such as Apple and Google. Artificial intelligence and software integrations are expected to come to the fore at this year's Build event.

Last year's Build event attracted a lot of attention with Microsoft's Copilot AI technology. This year, more advanced artificial intelligence technologies powered by OpenAI are expected to be introduced. These innovations are planned to offer deeper integrations across the Windows operating system and Microsoft's extensive cloud infrastructure.

The Build 2024 event will include many important announcements for Microsoft's developer community. Information about new tools, APIs and development platforms will be shared. These announcements will be of great importance to end users as well as developers.

Microsoft Build 2024 will witness announcements that will have a great impact in the technology world. The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies and new Surface devices are considered important steps for the future of the industry. For anyone who wants to follow Microsoft's future plans and innovations, this event offers an opportunity not to be missed.

Danish Kapoor