Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

WhatsApp will make smarter sorting on Status Updates

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application owned by Meta, continues to take steps to constantly improve the user experience. In this context, it seems that important changes are on the way for the status updates section in the Android beta version. With the new regulations, users encounter larger thumbnails and a modern design.

WhatsApp's new move is not limited to visual changes only. Various innovations are also being tested to make status updates more functional and user-friendly. In particular, it is aimed for users to more easily see the updates of the people they care about most.

Prioritization with WhatsApp sorted status updates

“Ranked status updates,” a new feature WhatsApp is testing, allows users to see updates from the most important people as a priority. This feature sorts status updates based on the user's interaction frequency, rather than chronological order. Thus, the updates of people who are contacted more frequently will be at the forefront.

This ranking system is based on users' interactions with specific people. For example, factors such as how often you message a person and whether you pin that person to the top of chats are taken into account. Thus, the status updates of the people you interact with the most will appear first.

WhatsApp also highlights status updates that are about to expire so that they are not missed. In addition, WhatsApp's official announcements will always remain at the top of the list. In this way, it will be possible not to miss important announcements of the application.

Another noteworthy point is the lack of timestamps in status updates. This appears to be a conscious design choice on WhatsApp's part, as the app aims to highlight the most relevant rather than the newest updates. Additionally, the use of user data for sorting occurs on the device, thus protecting privacy.

This new feature may also bring some difficulties. For example, when you reinstall WhatsApp or connect it to a new device, the ranking system is reset. In this case, it may take time for the application to relearn user preferences.

Using WhatsApp on more than one device can also create some differences. The order of status updates may vary due to differences in synchronization of chat histories on different devices. However, these minor differences are designed to not negatively affect the overall user experience.

Currently, the ranked status updates feature is available to a limited number of beta testers. However, if this feature is successful, it is expected to be available to a wide range of users. Therefore, it is useful to follow WhatsApp updates; Status updates may soon become more personalized and engaging.

WhatsApp continues its efforts to constantly improve the user experience and make it more functional. It is eagerly awaited to see how the new features and regulations will be received by users. These innovations in status updates seem to continue to increase the popularity of WhatsApp.

Danish Kapoor