Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

A certain model number of Anker 321 Power Bank is being recalled due to fire risk

Anker announced that it is recalling model 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, model number A1112). The reason for the recall was stated as a fire risk due to a manufacturing defect. Anker announced that this risk existed in a small number of products produced after March 2023, but that it would still recall all products.

The bottom of the affected model has the words “Anker 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, Black), Model: A1112” written in white. If you have this model, Anker recommends that you stop using the product immediately. For recall, you can request a replacement 533 Power Bank by filling out a form containing your serial number.

When we checked the news while preparing it for publication, we saw that Anker did not officially sell the A1112 model in Turkey. However, if you have a product of this model purchased from abroad, it would be appropriate to contact Anker.

To speed up the transaction process, it is recommended that you find your proof of purchase. This document plays an important role in the recall process. Anker states that this document will speed up the process.

Don't throw away your batteries! Electronic waste is a big problem, and improper disposal of batteries can cause fires. Anker offers various links for responsible battery disposal in various countries. US users can refer to the Environmental Protection Agency's website or Call2Recycle.

This recall is not the only recall that Anker currently has in existence worldwide. The company also recalled the 535 Power Bank model, which was identified as the possible cause of a house fire in Maryland, USA, last year.

Danish Kapoor