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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

What can you do with HomePod mini, which speaks and understands Turkish?

Apple's smart speakers HomePod and HomePod mini, which have been on sale abroad for a long time, will meet consumers in Turkey on May 10. These speakers, which can currently be ordered through the Apple online store, are offered with price tags of 11,999 TL and 3,999 TL, respectively. I have been using HomePod mini at home, in a corner of the kitchen, for 3 years. In the video you can watch above, we explain what has changed in HomePod mini, which gained Turkish language support, and what you can do with HomePod mini, which speaks and understands Turkish.

In the HomePod mini review we published in the summer of 2021, we talked in detail about the possibilities and experience this speaker offers on the audio side. We also explained how you can interact with Siri with English commands. With the arrival of Turkish language support in the past months, I can mostly do the things I used to do by speaking English, using Turkish commands.

You can perform tasks such as finding out the weather forecast, setting an alarm or timer, asking for a phone call, or sending a message with Turkish commands. On the Apple Music side, understanding Turkish is not yet at the level I would like. When speaking English to Siri, I could quickly pull up mixtapes by a specific artist or genre of music. There is no experience at this level in Turkish yet, but this will improve with software updates. I can make a similar comment about the support offered by YouTube Music. By the way, you can also tell the smart speaker to open content on YouTube and other similar applications. If there is an Apple TV on the same network, it will direct you there. Similarly, it can also redirect you to iPhone.

One of the areas where the HomePod mini will come in handy for me from now on is its Find My support. When I want to find an iPhone or an object with an AirTag attached at home, I just have to ask the HomePod mini. HomePod mini is easily installed, and when you bring your iPhone next to it, the installation is completed quickly from the window that opens on the screen. You can not be satisfied with just a single HomePod or HomePod mini and get 2 or more speakers. Two speakers are very convenient to set up a stereo sound system in the living room, however, by placing HomePod minis in different rooms of the house, you can carry the music to different rooms and manage your smart home via HomePod mini wherever you want, without a phone with you.

While HomePod targets more music-oriented users with its larger size, more powerful sound system and high price, HomePod mini is a more preferable product with its small size and relatively affordable price. Moreover, with its different colors, it can be considered a suitable product for children's or teenagers' rooms. For those who have a comprehensive smart home and enthusiastically invest in this system, HomePod mini will be a useful tool or tools that increase the efficiency of the smart home system.

Danish Kapoor