Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

visionOS 2 innovations that Apple did not mention in its WWDC 2024 keynote

In its WWDC 2024 keynote speech, Apple announced new features for Vision Pro with visionOS 2. These features include innovations such as converting 2D photos to 3D and the ability to use the headset on trains. However, apart from these features, there are also some important and necessary updates added to visionOS that Apple did not mention at the keynote event.

With the update coming in the fall, Magic Keyboard will be able to be used while working in a virtual environment. Additionally, any desired Bluetooth mouse can be used and home screen icons can be rearranged. It will also be possible to place iPad and iPhone applications as you wish.

With Vision Pro, Apple will start storing guest users' eye and hand settings for 30 days. Previously, having to do a fresh installation each time made sharing the device difficult. Creating completely separate profiles would be ideal, but this can be considered a step in the right direction.

Five-screen multiview in Apple TV app

For sports fans, Apple is adding a five-screen multi-view feature to the Apple TV app. This feature was added to the Apple TV streaming box last year. Additionally, content can be streamed to Vision Pro via AirPlay from iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Videos encountered on the Internet can be converted into a freely moving video player. This feature fills an important gap since YouTube or Netflix have not yet developed an application for Vision Pro. Users may prefer third-party applications such as Juno or Supercut, but this innovation will be quite useful.

In addition to these features detailed in Apple's press materials, there are also many new features in the release notes of the visionOS 2 developer beta. These include the ability to place application windows further away, and the ability to tilt and resize volumetric windows according to the user's perspective.

Users will be able to save space by storing virtual media icons. For example, Mt. Users who are bored with Hood will be able to free up space by hiding this icon. Additionally, it will be possible to watch videos in horizontal position while watching full-screen videos in the virtual environment.

Apple also announced features that many users have been waiting for in its WWDC main speech. For example, the ability to access the home screen with a single gesture has been added. Crowd-pleasing innovations were also introduced, such as the massive widescreen virtual display that wraps around the head.

These new features added to Vision Pro make the virtual reality experience more functional and user-friendly. Apple continues to add innovations that address users' needs, and this may lead to wider adoption of Vision Pro. With these updates, Vision Pro will offer a more efficient and enjoyable virtual reality experience.

Danish Kapoor