Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Videos showing the bending resistance of the new iPad Pro models have arrived

After being launched in Turkey, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which stand out with their slim designs, are awaited with great curiosity by users. While these devices, powered by the M4 processor, attracted attention with their high performance, they also raised questions about bending and durability due to their thin structure.

How does the iPad Pro perform when it comes to bending?

Despite their thin bodies, both versions of the iPad Pro models can demonstrate better durability than expected, even under extreme stress. Although the 11-inch model in particular appears to be more resistant to bending than the 13-inch model, Apple officials recommend that both devices be used with quality cases for additional protection. Because, during bending tests, vertical fractures may occur in the upper and lower parts of the tablets. However, it is stated that even after these breaks, the functionality of the devices is preserved and continues to work smoothly.

A bending test for the 13-inch iPad Pro was also done by Jerry Rig Everything. Although the device is subject to bending under significant load, it resists better than expected given its thin body.

John Ternus, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering, points out that the new iPad Pro claims to be the thinnest and lightest tablet on the market. Ternus states that iPad Pro is the most advanced tablet on the market, with the device's Ultra Retina XDR display, as well as the superior performance provided by the M4 chip and brand new accessory support. Additionally, Bob Borchers, Apple's vice president of product marketing, adds that iPad Air is preferred by a wide range of users thanks to its performance, portability and versatility, and today iPad Air is more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Considering the bending tests and the statements of Apple officials, it is certain that the new iPad Pro models will have an important place in the market in terms of design and performance. These devices, which managed to attract the appreciation of technology enthusiasts with their durability and superior performance despite their thin structures, stand out as an indicator of Apple's innovative approach and engineering success.

Danish Kapoor