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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Various discounts on Philips Hue brand lighting products (May 2024)

Philips Hue products, which come to mind first when it comes to colorful and impressive ambient lighting, are offered with various discounts within the scope of a campaign organized in Hepsiburada. Some products have price discounts, and some have basket discounts in addition to the discount. All products and discounts offered from here you can review.

When we look at the products offered within the scope of the campaign, Philips Hue Play 2 Pack Ecopack – Black We see that the product is offered for 4,199 TL instead of 4,499 TL. Moreover, the price in the basket drops to 3,779.10 TL. Philips Hue turns your home into a technological paradise with its smart lighting system, decorative ambiance products and smart control accessories. With Hue Bridge, you can connect up to 50 accessories for indoor and outdoor use and control them from your smartphone. With Hue Play, which offers 16 million color options, you can create wonderful movie, game or party ambiances using your imagination. You can have Hue Play products that suit your needs with economical 2-pack ecopack or single options. Make every moment in your home more lively and enjoyable with this innovative lighting system.

One of the big discounts Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Tube Large – Black is included in the product. This modern LED bulb adds a stylish touch to any space with its minimalist black color and offers easy use thanks to its E-27 socket type. While it saves energy with its 10.5 W wattage, it performs 30-40 W as the power equivalent of the wattage range between 30.1 and 50 W. This means that you will meet your lighting needs with high efficiency in your home or workplace while minimizing energy consumption.

Philips Hue WCA Argenta 3 Spot Lamp 3×5.7W (Aluminium) The product also comes with a notable basket discount. Philips Hue Argenta 3-Light Spot Luminaire offers a perfect lighting solution for spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms with 16 million color options. Thanks to the Bluetooth application, you can easily control up to 10 lights and create the right atmosphere with warm-cold white light settings. Additionally, you can access all smart light features with the Hue Bridge. Equipped with high energy efficiency and long-lasting LED bulbs, this fixture takes the lighting experience in your home to the next level with its stylish design and useful features.

Apart from the products we listed above, there are remarkable discounts on many different Philips Hue products within the scope of the campaign. We recommend you take a look at the campaign page here.

Danish Kapoor