Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TikTok continues support to increase the number of long videos

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A year ago, TikTok offered a new way for content creators on the platform to make money and encouraged users to prepare longer videos. In order to make money from the Creativity Program, which was initially announced with a beta tag and can only be entered by invitation, videos longer than one minute must be published. This means a big change for TikTok, which has become famous with short videos. According to the latest statement from the company, the name of the program will now be Creators Awards.

In order to earn money within the scope of the program, users will still need to create videos longer than one minute. The creator fund, which did not impose any restrictions on video duration, was terminated in November.

According to the information provided by the company; Payments to users will be calculated in line with the “optimized reward formula” focusing on parameters such as originality, playback time, search value and audience participation. Creators have previously complained about low payouts from the fund, with millions of views sometimes earning them just a few dollars.

It was stated that higher amounts will be paid to content creators with this new fund, which encourages videos longer than one minute. The company states that creator earnings have increased by 250 percent in the last six months, and the number of content creators earning $50,000 per month has doubled.

TikTok’s format is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from classic YouTube videos. The length of videos on the platform sometimes reaches 30 minutes. It gets harder: TikToks can be up to 30 minutes long in some cases. The company also encourages creators to post horizontal videos in exchange for the platform “amplifying” the content. It can be said that TikTok, which encourages the format it once discredited, will take on a different structure than usual.

TikTok offers new features for live broadcasts

On the other hand, TikTok is expanding the scope of Twitch-like features it offers for live broadcast content. Live subscriptions will now be open to non-livestreaming creators, who can charge fans for “exclusive content and perks.” Live broadcasters; It will also be able to sell privileges such as badges, emoticons and subscriber-only chats.

Danish Kapoor