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Danish Kapoor

These innovations are expected for AirPods with iOS 18

While the artificial intelligence features that iOS 18 is expected to bring to the iPhone attract a lot of attention, another important component of this version is AirPods improvements are often overlooked. Last year, iOS 17 brought many powerful innovations to AirPods and was appreciated by users. So, what's new for AirPods in iOS 18?

Last year, many innovations were introduced specifically for the AirPods Pro 2 model with iOS 17. Features like Adaptive Voice, Speech Awareness, and Personalized Voice have significantly improved the user experience. Additionally, Mute or Volume Up and Auto Switch improvements have also been expanded to other AirPods models.

This year, more limited but remarkable innovations are expected to be offered to AirPods users with iOS 18. According to Mark Gurman's news about WWDC, two main features are coming to AirPods with iOS 18. These innovations will make users' daily lives easier and further improve the AirPods experience.

Hearing test and hearing aid feature for AirPods

According to Gurman's news, a new hearing test feature will be added to AirPods with iOS 18. There's also a hearing aid feature coming for headphones, but that feature may be announced later in the year. These two innovations will form the basis of the new AirPods models that will be released this year.

The two main features awaiting AirPods users this year are: A new hearing test feature and a hearing aid feature. These features aim to provide Apple's users with a better hearing experience. Gurman states that other improvements may come along with these innovations, but these two features are particularly emphasized.

Although details are limited, the hearing aid feature could offer users valuable hearing improvements. Potentially, this feature could work in tandem with hearing testing to help users better understand their hearing needs. In this way, users can be provided with assistance appropriate to their hearing level.

The hearing test feature will try to determine how well a person can hear by playing different tones and sounds, Gurman previously wrote. The feature aims to help users screen for hearing problems, just like the Apple Watch's ECG app screens for heart problems. The purpose of this test is to enable users to detect potential hearing problems at an early stage.

Innovations that may come with AirPods 4 and AirPods Max 2

The hearing aid feature may be introduced later in the year, possibly with the AirPods 4 and AirPods Max 2 models. Apple is expected to offer users more advanced hearing experiences with these new models. Thus, a more personalized and advanced audio experience will be possible for AirPods users.

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Danish Kapoor