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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

There is a price advantage on N11 for Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Galaxy Buds FE, the newest wireless headset model launched by Samsung, in the company’s online store It is offered with a price tag of 2.199 TL. This product is available in N11 For 1.299 TL You have the opportunity to purchase. This means that there is a serious price advantage of 900 TL.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE features

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is a headset designed to meet the needs of music lovers and those with a busy lifestyle. Providing comfort even during long-term use thanks to their ergonomic design, these headphones provide their users with an uninterrupted music experience by blocking the noise of the outside world with their active noise canceling (ANC) feature. This feature allows you to listen to your music or podcasts more clearly, especially in noisy environments.

These Samsung headphones take the music listening experience to the next level with their powerful bass sound. Deep and powerful bass coming from the new unidirectional speakers allow you to experience a rich sound while listening to all kinds of music. This can be described as a great advantage, especially for users who prefer bass-heavy music genres.

Galaxy Buds FE, which is also very assertive about battery life, offers up to 30 hours of use on a single charge. Thanks to this long battery life, users can listen to music, watch videos or make phone calls all day long. This battery life achieved with the Active Noise Cancellation feature turned off makes it possible for users to use their headphones without worrying about charging.

Additionally, this headset has a three-microphone system for clear calls. These microphones capture the user’s voice clearly and filter out background noise, ensuring it is transmitted clearly to the other party. This feature will be a great advantage, especially during business meetings or important phone calls.

Finally, Galaxy Buds FE integrates seamlessly with your Samsung Galaxy devices. Thanks to the Auto Switch feature, users can easily switch between different devices and continue their music or conversations without interruption. It also offers a user-friendly experience with smart features and customizable sound settings that help you find your lost headphones.

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Danish Kapoor