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Danish Kapoor

There is a 15 percent discount on the Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor

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For those who want to buy a monitor, there is a remarkable product on Samsung monitor deal there is. There are remarkable prices for monitors in different categories. If you're looking for a gaming monitor, check out the Samsung Odyssey G5. 7,599 TL with a 15 percent discount You have the opportunity to purchase.

Samsung Odyssey G5 features

Samsung Odyssey G5 series monitors meet the expectations of game lovers and multimedia users with a technological mastery that exceeds their expectations, making the gaming world even more immersive.

If you want to experience your games and multimedia content beyond Full HD resolution, QHD (Quad High Definition) screen experience is waiting for you. Thanks to its 2560×1440 pixel resolution, Samsung Odyssey G5 reveals characters, scenes and details more clearly, with seventy percent more pixel density and sharpness than Full HD.

For curved design lovers, the 1000R screen curvature ratio offers an atmosphere that surrounds your gaming experience and makes you feel like you are side by side with the characters. This twist allows you to integrate with your game world while optimizing peripheral vision.

In moments where speed and performance are required in games, Samsung Odyssey G5 guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted image quality with its high refresh rate of 165 Hz. The ultra-fast reaction time of 1 millisecond (MPRT), which gives you agility against your enemies in the game, allows you to take full control of the game while maximizing your reactions.

Equipped with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, this monitor synchronizes the refresh rate between your graphics card and monitor, eliminating tearing and stuttering in your games and movies. This feature delivers a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience even in fast-paced scenes.

With HDR10 supported image quality, Samsung Odyssey G5 brings every scene to life with rich and deep colors. It masterfully presents the balance of darkness and light, clearly illuminating even the details in the shadows. With this feature, it reflects every color tone of the game world accurately and realistically.

Designed with long-term gaming marathons in mind, Eye Protector Mode and anti-flicker technology prioritize user comfort by reducing eye fatigue. It reduces the level of blue light, thus protecting your eye health during long-term use and allowing you to maintain your focus in the game without interruption.

In short, Samsung Odyssey G5; It seems likely to become the new favorite of those looking for an impressive monitor experience, full of technological features that will allow you to dive into the action together in games.

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Danish Kapoor