Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The new iPhone SE may appear before users with Dynamic Island

Different news had come to the fore about the new iPhone SE. It was claimed that Apple would no longer release SE series phones in early 2023. However, in another news published in December, it was claimed that the iPhone 14’s battery would be used in the iPhone SE 4. Long before this, it was claimed that Apple would switch to a design similar to the iPhone XR and include a notched screen on the iPhone SE. Rumors about smartphones another new one added.

This new rumor indicates a different situation than the previous ones. Allegedly, the Cupertino-based company will include a screen with Dynamic Island on the iPhone SE. Dynamic Island, which entered our lives with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, spread to all models with the iPhone 15 series.

In the image above It is possible to see what the smartphone might look like. While it is noteworthy that Apple will again include a single rear camera, it is also noticed that other elements have been captured by the modern iPhone design. It is also striking that the iPhone SE images are similar to the images prepared for the iPhone 16. It does not go unnoticed that the SE will be close to the XR in size.

New iPhone SE may be introduced in 2025

Still, it would be better to approach this leak with caution. Apple usually releases SE models every two years. iPhone SE 3 was announced in March 2022. Therefore, the iPhone SE 4 can be expected to be introduced soon. However, this does not seem unlikely as there has been no concrete information or leak about this model so far.

It is stated that the new iPhone SE may become official in 2025 after the introduction of the iPhone 16 series. It is also rumored that this smartphone will come with a screen produced by BOE.

Danish Kapoor