Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

The long-awaited Llama 3-based update for Meta AI is now available

Meta announced the major update based on Llama 3 for its artificial intelligence assistant platform Meta AI. The company states that Meta AI is now the smartest artificial intelligence assistant that can be used for free. Meta's example usage scenarios include exam studies, dinner or night entertainment planning.

Meta AI's coverage area is expanding day by day. It will also be possible to access the chat bot, which was recently tested in Instagram DMs, via Facebook Messenger, Facebook's home page and WhatsApp. The chat bot also has a web portal that is accessed via its address and does not require login information. The artificial intelligence integration offered in Ray-Ban smart glasses will soon include the Quest virtual reality headset.

Meta states that the renewed Meta AI is now much faster at creating images and will produce images as users type. In addition, custom animated GIFs can also be created. It is hoped that the company will also be successful in creating images of people of different races. Because many artificial intelligence systems may experience problems in this regard.

Meta AI is available in more countries

With its latest update, Meta AI is available in many countries outside the USA. These include Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Pakistan and Uganda. However, it is worth noting that only English language support is currently available.

Regarding safety and security, the company says that Llama 3 is trained on an expanded data set compared to Llama 2. In addition, the company used synthetic data to create long documents that can be trained on. Meta said the chatbot conducted a series of evaluations to see how it would handle risky areas such as conversations about weapons, cyberattacks and child abuse, and adjusted as needed.

Danish Kapoor