Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Testing of the new feature that will make it easier to search for songs on YouTube Music has started

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It looks like YouTube Music users will soon be able to benefit from a new feature when searching for songs. The feature in question was added to the main YouTube application months ago.

According to a post by a Reddit user, there is a new song search icon next to the voice search icon in YouTube Music’s iOS application. When this icon is touched, it is possible to make a call by playing a song or humming it.

It’s no surprise that the feature in question sounds quite familiar. The humming song search feature has been available in Google’s Search app for a long time. In addition, recently playing songs on Pixel series phones can be detected with the “Now Playing” feature. On Android phones, the names of songs played via Google Assistant can be learned by humming or singing.

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Google is testing new YouTube Music feature on a limited scale

It can be said that this is an extremely useful feature for a music application. However, the number of users who encounter this feature in the iOS and Android versions of YouTube Music is still very low. This suggests that Google is conducting a limited-scale test for now.

Danish Kapoor