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Danish Kapoor

Tecno revealed its robot dog and AR playset at MWC 2024

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Tecno unveiled its robot dog named Dynamic 1 and its wireless AR game set called Pocket Go, as part of the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024), as previously announced.

Tecno Pocket Go

Tecno Pocket Go is a Windows-based handheld device designed to work with an augmented reality headset. It should be noted that this is an interesting combination that we have not seen before.

The headset has a 0.71 inch micro OLED screen. This screen gives users an experience equivalent to looking at a 215-inch TV from 6 meters away. Also equipped with adjustable diopter settings up to 600 degrees, Pocket Go is 50 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than other Windows gaming handhelds like the Asus ROG Ally. It can also be said that Pocket Go resembles the Xbox controller in terms of its appearance.

According to the information provided by Tecno, the device has an 8-core processor. The required energy is provided by a removable battery with a capacity of 50 Wh. It is also worth noting that Pocket Go comes with a cooling system.

The glasses that come with Pocket Go are called AR Pocket Vision. Coming with a six-axis gyroscope, AR Pocket Vision’s artificial intelligence algorithm also learns users’ head movements over time.

Pocket Go comes with a Tecno Smart Box that acts as a central hub to manage games and settings. Smart Box allows AR Pocket Vision and Pocket Go to connect to other Tecno devices and act as a mobile workstation.

Tecno Dynamic 1

Tecno Dynamic 1, inspired by the German shepherd; It aims to provide entertainment, education and training, and help with household chores in smart homes. Tecno claims its robot dog will be the “perfect animal-like companion of the future.”

Dynamic 1 has a torque output of 45 Nm/kg. This means that the robot dog can climb stairs effortlessly. He can also bend and paw. The AI ​​HyperSense Fusion System and Intel Real Sense D430 depth camera provide stable mobility, allowing it to notice obstacles and move around them. The robot has an unnamed eight-core Arm CPU.

The robot dog has 64 GB storage space, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connection. Dynamic 1 can be controlled with a smartphone app. Voice commands can also be used for control. The robot dog has a 15,000 mAh battery that provides 90 minutes of operating time. It is also possible to remove this battery and charge it externally.

Tecno Dynamic 1 is not a product designed to compete with Boston Dynamics products. In fact, it is not possible to commercialize this device. Tecno said the introduction of this dog is to showcase the company’s innovation capabilities in advanced robotics and artificial intelligence.

Danish Kapoor