Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TCL Electronics exhibited its newest TVs and smart home products that will be offered for sale in Turkey

TCL Electronics, one of the world's leading TV brands, introduced its newest product range for the Middle East and African market at the regional promotion meeting held in Istanbul last week. At this event, TCL exhibited its newest and technological products for users in the region. Featured products include 2024 QD-Mini LED TVs and cleaning and cooling solutions for home living.

TCL Middle East General Manager Sunny Yang stated that they are very excited to introduce the new generation QD-Mini LED TVs. “Our goal is to meet the needs of our consumers in the Middle East and African markets by offering the latest technology and provide them with a world-class entertainment experience,” said Sunny Yang. He also added that they are pleased to introduce new home appliances designed to make daily life easier.

Features of TCL QD-Mini LED and QLED TVs

One of the most striking products of the launch meeting was TCL's 115-inch X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV. Offering precise illumination and impressive contrast with 5,000 nits of brightness and more than 20,000 local dimming zones, this model is equipped with QLED PRO technology. In addition, it provides striking image quality and superior sound performance with its ultra-thin design with 144 Hz VRR and ONKYO 6.2.2 Hi-Fi system.

The TCL C855 model offers striking contrasts from whites to the deepest blacks with its dynamic HDR performance and 3500 nits brightness level. Providing vibrant and realistic colors thanks to QLED PRO technology, this model provides almost zero glare with its low reflection feature. Offering superior home theater sound quality to audiophiles with its ONKYO 2.2.2 Hi-Fi sound system, C855 was developed with AiPQ PRO Processor and 144Hz VRR.

TCL C755 offers stunning HDR performance with 1344-zone QD-Mini LED technology and a brightness level reaching 1600 nits. Promising fascinating visuals with delicate QLED colors, this model provides a dynamic home theater experience integrated with the ONKYO 2.1 Hi-Fi sound system. This series, which brings the viewing experience to the top by providing smooth and clear images when combined with the AiPQ processor, will be available in various sizes.

TCL C655 Pro offers assertive image clarity with Quantum Dot technology. This product, which clearly reveals every detail in dark scenes with advanced local dimming, offers vivid colors and realistic images thanks to QLED PRO technology. This model, which has a high level of sound performance with the ONKYO 2.1 Hi-Fi sound system, is ideal for consumers who want to upgrade to QLED image quality.

TCL smart home products

In addition to its innovations in the TV field, TCL also introduced a variety of home products designed to make daily life easier. FreshIN 3.0 and BreezeIN series air conditioners attract attention with their ability to provide fresh air from the outside environment and their stylish design. In addition, TCL C2110WDG and C67110WDG front- or top-loading washer and dryer models aim to offer their users a healthier and more comfortable quality of life.

TCL Electronics continues to strengthen its position in the market with its innovative technologies and user-friendly products. It aims to increase its presence in the region by providing solutions specifically for the needs of consumers in the Middle East and African markets. TCL's advanced technology products and solutions that increase home comfort stand out as part of the brand's vision for the future.

Danish Kapoor