Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Spotify users' playlists disappeared, problem quickly resolved

Despite recent price increases and a lack of lossless audio music, Spotify still remains the primary music streaming app for many users. Spotify's excellent cross-device functionality is among the reasons many people choose it over YouTube Music. But those who recently opened Spotify were alarmed to realize that all your playlists had disappeared. It should be noted that this is a bug, not a feature.

While many users stated that their playlists had disappeared in their posts on social media, these shares generally came from those using desktop and web applications.

In the statement made by Spotify, the problem was acknowledged by stating that some users could not see the playlists published on their own profiles and the profiles of other users. It was also noted that this may prevent them from browsing playlists or creating new ones.

Spotify fixed the problem

The company later updated its post and announced that the problem was resolved. Users whose playlist still doesn't return may need to log out and back in to resynchronize their account information.

Danish Kapoor