Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Snapchat's AR lenses return to the desktop with Google Chrome extension

Snapchat pulled the plug on its desktop camera application, which also included augmented reality (AR) lenses, last year. However, the company seems to have not given up on its desktop passion. Snapchat is bringing its AR lenses to the desktop, this time with a Google Chrome extension.

The add-on for Chrome, called Snapchat Camera, can activate augmented reality lenses directly on the webcam. You can then use them for video calls, live broadcasts, video recordings, etc. It is possible to use it for . Unlike the previous desktop application, it is necessary to sign in with a Snapchat account to use the lenses. Specially created lenses can also be used.

Lenses coming to Chrome will give users a little more flexibility. However, it is also worth noting that these lenses have not completely disappeared from the desktop. Filters have been available in Microsoft Teams since last year.

Snapchat embedded AR lenses into its ID

AR lenses have long been ingrained in Snapchat's identity. These are among the most important features of the app that help it stand out, as well as being an early selling point for temporary visual messages. Therefore, it can be considered a logical choice for Snap to use them in as many areas as possible.

Danish Kapoor