Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung will also protect its 2024 model smart TVs with Knox

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Samsung Knox, which has been a part of Samsung devices for the last 10 years, is gaining a wider coverage area. It will now be possible to find the data security system on Samsung’s 2024 model smart TVs.

In a press release by Samsung, it was stated that the platform has received Common Criteria (CC) certification, a global benchmark for evaluating the security integrity of IT products, for another year. This actually means that smart connected TVs will be protected in the future.

CC certification means Knox will perform well in three key features. The first is Tizen OS Monitoring, where the platform actively detects potential hacking threats to the core of Samsung TVs in real time.

Samsung will continue to protect all personal data in Knox Vault

The second is Phishing Website Blocking, where Knox will verify that web pages are safe to browse without posing a threat to user data and privacy. Third, essentially, the dedicated security processor ensures that all personal data in Knox Vault will continue to be protected.

Danish Kapoor