Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung to backpedal on Galaxy Z Flip 6’s cover display technology

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, introduced last year, came with a larger cover screen compared to its predecessors, providing more flexibility in use when the phone is folded. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 will also come with a similarly large cover screen. However, according to a new claim, it will be a step backwards in terms of panel technology.

According to leaked promotional materials, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will use an IPS LCD panel for its cover display. The Z Flip 5, on the other hand, has a Super AMOLED cover display. This is also a technological step back.

OLED displays are more power efficient when it comes to displaying blacks, as pixels are turned off to display blacks. Therefore, it seems likely that power consumption will increase when using the “always-on display” feature on the Z Fold 6. The ability to turn off individual pixels when displaying black tones also results in darker blacks compared to IPS LCD displays.

Samsung may have made this decision to reduce the cost of the Galaxy Z Flip 6

However, LCD panels are less prone to screen burn-in compared to OLED displays. In short, while OLED screen burn-in is not as big a problem as it used to be, this decision is understandable in terms of durability. LCD displays are also cheaper than OLED panels. This suggests that Samsung may have made this decision to save or reduce component costs. The Z Flip 6 will be officially revealed on July 10.

Danish Kapoor