Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung is considering the idea of ​​bringing Galaxy AI to the Galaxy S22 series

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Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 series this year with artificial intelligence features called Galaxy AI. The company is preparing to bring these features to the S23 series, including the S23 FE, with the One UI 6.1 update. Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 series seems to be excluded from the artificial intelligence expansion, this situation may change.

TM Roh, president of Samsung's mobile unit, made statements on the subject at a meeting with company shareholders. Roh stated that they are actively evaluating ways to bring Galaxy AI features to older phones. This statement means that the Galaxy S22 series can also be powered by artificial intelligence. However, it does not seem possible to say anything definitive about this at the moment.

Although some of the features offered with Galaxy AI are cloud-based, some are also performed on the device. This is the biggest obstacle to bringing these features to the Galaxy S22 series. According to Roh, it would take “a lot of effort” to make this happen, but Samsung is investing resources in the task.

The artificial intelligence fate of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is uncertain

In short, it still seems uncertain whether the Galaxy S22 series will receive the Galaxy AI update. Although studies are being carried out for this, nothing definite can be said for now about how it will turn out.

TM Roh also confirmed that Samsung is working on rollable and slideable devices and is steadily pursuing pre-launch steps such as research and patents. Interestingly, the company is now much more cautious than ever about releasing new form factors. Although studies are ongoing, Samsung is in no rush to bring these technologies to market.

Danish Kapoor