Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 to come with AirPods-like design

Samsung released the first member of the Galaxy Buds series in 2019. The Galaxy Buds 3 will be added to this series at the Samsung Unpacked event on July 10. Samsung, which has not included a handle design in any model in the five-year period, seems to change this approach with the Galaxy Buds 3.

The claims about the change in question have been on the agenda before. A new leaked photo confirms these claims. In the photo where the Galaxy Buds 3 box is seen, the handle design is immediately noticeable.

This change may cause many to accuse Samsung of copying Apple. However, it should be noted that many companies have introduced wireless headphones with stem designs in recent years. It would be in the company’s best interest if Samsung adopted this design as well.

Except for the Galaxy Buds+ released in 2020, the microphone performance of all headphones released by Samsung has been described as “average level”. Switching to a stemmed design and moving the microphones closer to the mouth may provide an overall performance increase.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 to come with active noise cancellation

It is almost certain that the Galaxy Buds 3 will feature active noise cancellation. Another notable point is that Samsung has opted for a more angular design, unlike Apple’s AirPods.

Danish Kapoor