Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung 2024 TV Series, which is on sale in Turkey, is a new generation home entertainment device equipped with artificial intelligence.

Samsung launches its 2024 model TV and soundbar series offered for sale in Turkey. TVs and soundbars in the new series are equipped with advanced processors and artificial intelligence-supported features. These innovations take the home entertainment experience to a whole new dimension and reinforce Samsung's leadership in the industry.

Samsung's 2024 Neo QLED 8K TVs are powered by the NQ8 3rd Gen AI Processor. This processor works twice as fast as the previous generation, offering superior performance. Thanks to advanced neural networks, images are processed clearly and in detail, regardless of the input source.

Neo QLED 8K's AI 8K Upscaling Pro feature gives viewers every scene in 8K quality. Everything from facial expressions to the smallest details is reflected on the screen with perfect clarity. AI Motion Enhancer Pro delivers smooth and clear images in fast-paced action scenes, while True Depth Enhancer Pro adds realistic depth to scenes.

Neo QLED 8K also attracts attention with its AI-supported sound technologies. Active Voice Amplifier Pro clarifies dialogues by separating them from background noise. Object Tracking Audio Pro makes the viewing experience more dynamic by synchronizing sound with on-screen action.

Personalized smart features on Samsung 2024 TVs

Samsung's new TVs are equipped with artificial intelligence features that adapt to user needs. AI Auto Game Mode optimizes games to deliver an immersive experience. AI Energy Mode saves energy, does not compromise on image quality and provides environmentally friendly use.

Samsung's Tizen OS operating system gives TVs advanced connectivity and customization features. Users can control home appliances by integrating their smartphones with the TV. With the Smart Mobile Connect feature, the TV becomes the digital center of the home.

Samsung's new OLED TVs stand out with their UL-approved anti-glare screen technology. These TVs are powered by NQ4 2nd Gen AI Processor and offer features like Real Depth Enhancer and OLED HDR Pro. Ideal for gamers, these TVs fit into every home with their stylish designs.

Samsung Q-Series Soundbar: Superior audio technologies

Samsung introduced the new Q-Series Soundbar Q990D in the 2024 series. This soundbar delivers superior audio experience with Wireless Dolby Atmos and 11.1.4 channel setup. S800D and S700D soundbar models attract attention with their stylish designs and space-saving structures.

Samsung's new Music Frame combines artistic design and premium audio presentation. With this device, users can showcase their favorite works of art and enjoy superior sound quality. Music Frame offers an enhanced listening experience while adding an aesthetic touch to any space.

Samsung's 2024 TV series adds a new dimension to home entertainment. Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technologies and superior sound quality, these products offer viewers a unique experience.

Danish Kapoor